First Time Homebuyer Loan Program

The First Time Homebuyer Loan Program (FTHLP) provides financial assistance in the form of a deferred loan, for income-qualified first-time homebuyers who are in the process of buying a home in Dublin.

Loan Features
Loans are available for both market rate and below market rate (BMR) homes. Key features include:
BMR Homes
Market Rate Homes
Loan Amount
Up to 15% of the purchase price,
with a maximum of $40,000
Up to 10% of the purchase price,
with a maximum of $40,000
Interest Rate
3.5% simple interest
Loan Term
30 years, deferred payment

Eligibility Requirements
Household eligibility requirements include but are not limited to:
Requirement Description
Maximum Income
Total household income must be at or below the current moderate-income level. The
maximum income is established annually and is adjusted for household size. For 2016,
the maximum incomes are:
  • 1-person: $78,600
  • 2-person: $89,850
  • 3-person: $101,050
  • 4-person: $112,300
  • 5-person: $121,300
  • 6-person: $130,250
  • 7-person: $139,250
  • 8-person: $148,250
First-Time Home Buyer
No member of the household may have owned real property for the past three years.
Down Payment
Applicants must provide a minimum of 3.5% of the sales price as a down payment.
Primary Loan Qualification
Applicants must be pre-approved for a primary loan that conforms to City requirements (30 or 40 year fixed-interest). The City's FTHLP loan will be secondary to this primary loan.

Please review the FTHLP Program Guidelines without Exhibits, for a faster download.

How to Apply
To apply for the FTHLP, submit an application packet. Applications can be downloaded. You may also contact the Housing Division at 925-833-6610 or by email to have an application mailed to you, or pick up an application from the Community Development Department at:
Civic Center
100 Civic Plaza
Dublin, CA 94568

For More Information
See the frequently asked questions section for commonly asked questions. For further information, contact the Housing Division at 925-833-6610 or submit a question or comment.